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Besides the immediate health and cosmetic factors which are taken into account in your dental treatments at Smile Dentist Brisbane, we see there being four main issues which need to be taken into account to ensure a comfortable, successful and satisfactory experience.




We always try to accommodate our individual patient’s needs and we understand that financial situations can vary greatly from patient to patient. If financing your treatment proves difficult for you, then we are always happy to discuss various payment options with you. Spreading out your treatment, the cost of your treatment and keeping costs to a minimum are all options available for discussion. Ensuring our patients receive high quality care is a goal of our practice. Flexible financing options with interest free and extended payment plans are available.


We always endeavour to keep our appointments running on time and we ask that you do the same. The appointment time allocated to you is reserved especially for you and we generally require at least 24hrs notice of cancellation. We have a range of options for time management including SMS service and personal calling to advise on expected delays and to minimise your potential wait. We will also suggest appointment time structures that keep delays to the absolute minimum


Inevitably, some patients experience more anxiety than others when visiting the dentist. This can be for a variety of reasons, but for whatever reason you might be feeling anxious of your dental treatment, we will always strive to make your experience as amicable as possible and reduce your need for further stress in the future. From the use of minimal intervention methods to the relaxing options of hypnosis, laughing gas, massaging, snacks and refreshments as well as the dedicated care of our support team, we can ensure that your experience of the dentist is as stress and anxiety free as possible. In accordance with our basic philosophy, if there is anything you can tell us to help you achieve a pleasant experience at our practice, please let us know so that we can help you.


Most importantly of all, you need to leave your dental treatment, safe in the knowledge that the procedure you have undergone has been effective and thorough and that you have minimised your chances of needing repeat attention. At Smile Dentist Brisbane we use the latest technology available to make sure that we can detect, diagnose and plan your treatment with maximum success from start to finish, leaving no stone unturned.

From beginning to end, your experience at Smile Dentist Brisbane will make you smile bigger, brighter and more confidently than ever.  Contact us today for an obligation-free consultation and rediscover yourself.

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