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How is Fastbraces different to other Orthodontic treatment?

Compared to traditional Orthodontic treatment, Fastbraces may be your preferred option due to the following reasons:-

It is Faster- due to the new (and tested) technology, the same results can be achieved in as little as 20 weeks, compared to 2 or more years with traditional Orthodontics

It is Safe – the technology was developed by an Orthodontist in the US and has been tested and approved via reputable Universities. It is used in over 30 countries and for over 25 years. Read more

It is Affordable – Fastbraces can be done by a general dentist, specially trained and licenced. Hence it is more affordable than conventional treatment carried out by Specialists

It is comfortable – the new technology moves the whole tooth gently and so less discomfort is experienced by patients. Read more

Is Fastbraces covered by Health Funds

Yes- Fastbraces is covered under the general Orthodontic services. However individual cover limits may apply depending on your health fund cover. It is best to check with your health fund – which you can do once you have attended a FREE consult and have a treatment plan

How much does Fastbraces cost?

Each case is different and the dentist will go through all options with you at your FREE consult. Cost will also depend on whether you will opt for ceramic braces or metal braces.

Generally the basic cost of a full set of upper and lower braces range from between $4500- $6500 (all inclusive)

Treatment will proceed once you are happy with the plan, costs and payment options

Is a payment plan available?

Yes- treatment can be planned around your spending plan. You will be able to discuss this with the dentist during your FREE consult for Fastbraces

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A lot can happen in as little as 20 weeks! 


Practised for 25 years in 30 countries worldwide



Health fund rebate available

Fastbraces Clear braces
After Fastbraces with open bite

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