When do you need to see a Dentist?

The signs that may indicate a serious dental issue you'll want to avoid

You might be suffering from any number of problems, which are of varying degrees of inconvenience or severity. Or you may be experiencing symptoms of dental health deterioration and discomfort without even realising they are issues associated with your teeth.


Dental issues which can be of direct relation to your overall health and vitality include:

  • Sensitivity to certain foods and drinks – especially hot, cold, sweet and hard types.
  • Avoidance of food groups which make it difficult to chew or break down food effectively.
  • Discomfort or instability with existing denture solutions for missing teeth
  • Deterioration of existing fillings that need constant attention or replacement
  • Bad breath
  • Lost teeth
  • Bleeding gums

Modern dentistry can provide a multitude of solutions to all of your oral needs. Aside from offering the practical solutions to your problems, here at Smile Dentist Brisbane, we are equipped with the necessary knowledge and expertise to advise you on the most effective methods of dental care and hygiene, so that you can look after your own teeth for the long term future.


There is no need for you to suffer from the severe dental issues of your parents and grandparents past, where tooth loss and impairment has been considered the norm. Your own children also need not succumb to a similar fate, of tooth related problems, when we can help to take them through life with oral health and function at an optimum level.

Other issues to consider relating to your dental needs are those which affect your overall sense of cosmetic satisfaction, including:

  • Ugly, metallic fillings – we can now replace them with natural looking alternatives
  • Discoloured or stained teeth
  • The shape and structure of your teeth – are they misaligned or crooked?

We all care about our appearance, and here at Smile Dentist Brisbane we fully understand the role of a beautiful smile in helping you to shine.

If you are experiencing embarrassment or shame in your teeth and find yourself increasingly self-conscious when you smile, laugh or eat in public, then do not hesitate to contact us – we can help you to achieve a smile you can be proud of and happy to show off!


We provide a comprehensive range of conservative dental services with the emphasis on comfort and excellence using only the latest equipment, materials and techniques proven to give the best long term results possible.

From beginning to end, your experience at Smile Dentist Brisbane will make you smile bigger, brighter and more confidently than ever. Contact us today for an obligation-free consultation and rediscover yourself.


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